jueves, 19 de abril de 2007

Unit 5 Outlining

Body Lotion
By Monky
My heart that runs
I which I do not want to restrain my blood by anything of the world
I do not want to know that I am thinking
I do not want to have notion of the time
I just want to feel your hands your magical extremities curing my skin
your fingers taking care of me
your skin saving me.

Ana Aloína it’s called Ina.
Short, happy, sweet and price less
My one mother
She love me, she love the life and she love me again
She afraid be alone, the failure and the dead
She wants to see me graduated, to see all the sunrise that God gift to her and a beautiful future to her young people
Maracaibo Now

By Monky
Happy, Wonderful
Composing, writing, listening
She is a person, my favorite female
Do Re Mi, Do it, Relax, Millenary.

Unit 4 Pros and cons

The reggeaton it’s a rhythm very simple and sticky. Since little years ago it’s a revolution in the Latin American world. The base of the reggeaton it’s the Soca, a Caribbean beat very popular in Trinidad Tobago and Aruba.
The reggeaton it’s simple and common and not all most be like this, exist other rhythms and kind of music and beautiful like this rhythm.
Reggeaton it’s very good to, dance, easy and turn on anybody because have a lot of heaviness sounds, but the lyrics of the reggeaton in its majority are offensive and bad.
Every body it’s dancing reggeaton in the world with Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Etc… but they don’t a sane message and don’t sing well like other artist, I respect this work but I don’t like the bottom of the subject.

Unit 3 Finding a job

Graduated students in Venezuela have a lot of problems to meet a job. They most be a lot of talent in their space carrier, maybe a PALANCA how we call in this country.We need to believe in our talent and to be a sure person. I’m almost graduated, I’m very sure of my talents; I give thanks to God for it. I Going to eat the world when I will be a Graphic Designer.


Mr, Donald Trump
Graphic design
CAG Design
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Dear Mr. Donald Trump Accept this cordial letter resume of a this server.

I’m a virtuous person, a Venezuelan with 22 years old, hard worker, responsible and team layer. I’m looking for a realy job, a great job. I know a lot about you, you are a famous person and I know that you are a lot chance for me, you have a lot of enterprises that have your name. I’m hard worker than you, I told you, and I want to put my service to your order.

In Graphic Desing works:
- I manage programs like Photoshop, Free Hand, Flash, Dream Waver.
- I have draw skills
- I know print techniques
- I create original ideas, I love it.

In Music works:
- I’m a singer
- I’m a composer
- I’m a writter
- I manage programs like Cool Edit Pro

If you have any project to me, you can proof any of my skills when you want to, if it’s like I imaging right now you are convinced and right now you are thinking in write me a answer letter.I will wait your response, please , reply me soon

José Carlos Meléndez Lugo

My Opinion About the Korean Video "Kiss"

This video is a little traumatic, but the love sometimes it’s identical. Somebody that it loves to you is able of which it is, until giving its life so that the yours this perfect one.

I think about this video that it’s have very good script. The song it’s minor chord, the majority of the sad songs there are in minor chords, it’s a sad history so that not all along the love is glad, sometimes black and sometimes pink color.

Another end for this history. everything It was finished as before, adding to it that she didn’t know about him, since it’s vision worked, she continuous with it’s carrier of the top model, and in 10 years doctors found the cure of the permanent blindness, was very expensive but she save as much money and pay the eye’s operation of the person who him gift it’s vision to her, she made the same favor to him and the loves it’s happiness once again.

Unit 2 Advertising

I will talk about HID, A retrovirus that causes AIDS by infecting helper T cells of the immune system. The most common serotype, HIV-1, is distributed worldwide, while HIV-2 is primarily confined to West Africa.

All the people have scare to HIV, it’s logic, it’s a dangerous virus but all the people that contains in their organism this virus need a lot of help.

This ailment has a treatment, that although it does not have cures can give an opportunity of life to the humanity. I went to a immunologist and I knew of a person who has my same name, until the last name and has AIDS, that made me open my eyes and give all my will to help to any person with this virus.

All you need that I have in my hands I want to give you if you have this virus and this problem, only god can judge you, meanwhile it will help you.

Unit 1 Journalism

People in Drugs

Some people with psychical problems take others solutions for their things. They leave Their courage in a box and don’t fight whit the life, the valorous life. Around the world exist a lot of organization that help people to resolve their problems.

They count with psychological personal, doctors and social workers that giving their lives to save all kind of person whit all kind of problems. Teenagers un everywhere have problems and take a solution, DRUGS, one of the killers most wanted in the world.

Organizations have the work to put the drugs faraway of the young people and all kind of person.

Sports, entertainment and programs anti drugs are some solutions to this problem, but the most important solution is inject valor in all the people, the humanity most know that the life is more important than anything. The happiness it’s the DEA officer in the world.